In this week's blog post, we're sharing our internal message that we sent to our wider team about our D&I survey that we sent out recently.

In this week's blog post, we're sharing our internal message that we sent to our wider team about our D&I survey that we sent out recently.

"Hey everyone, Firstly the D&I team would like to thank everyone for completing the recent D&I survey. We wanted to take our time and digest all of your wonderful feedback and really understand how we can use this feedback to impact D&I at hackajob. We had a really good overall completion rate by everyone at hackajob and survey’s like this are going to be important in the way we track the impact of what we are doing.

From all your results we were able to understand that 85% of you scored hackajob a 7 out of 10  & above on how you feel your voice is heard at hackajob. This is a wonderful thing for us to see and clearly points at a strong feeling of respect and belonging! (Thanks Mark & the team for helping create such an awesome environment).

This theme was felt constantly throughout the survey and the following sentiments were expressed when understanding what the company are doing well:

  • Flat hierarchy -  22%
  • Regular updates , feedback & transparency (69%)
  • Growth and change- 16%

There were a number of other themes and sentiments that came up less frequently but again these were all really helpful in helping us understand what we are doing well currently.

With a Survey like this it is really important for us to recognise and share with you some of the other findings on how you all feel we can do better in helping everyone feel included, valued, and comfortable talking about your background and cultural experiences.

While we got really high satisfaction scores on how well everyone feels their voice is heard, we also had 6%  of respondents who had also scored hackajob below a 5 out of 10.

Diversity and inclusion should be about creating an environment where everyone feels heard and they can share their opinions or grievances. We will be working with everyone to make sure some of the initiatives that follow this help align to the below common themes that came out of all the ideas you shared from the survey about how we can do better!

  • Giving and receiving feedback (24%) e.g having a  place where we can leave feedback or comments anonymously regarding any issues etc
  • Social events and community involvement (27%) e.g Making socials less geared around alcohol & events that include both offices.
  • Work environment and atmosphere (24%)  e.g creating one big team all striving towards one goal...

We have discussed these results in depth within the D&I team to ensure all these ideas you shared don’t just go into a black hole! We will be working with Mark & the rest of the team to create some sort of safe space where everyone can share feedback anonymously and have their voice heard.

We want to celebrate all of the team's achievements together as one! We will be working with each team on sharing more good news and including both offices in the Wins!

The D&I committee is also working with companies and key activists within the D&I space on sharing their views & best practice within industry! While this is something the Committee is working on, we would appreciate everyone at hackajob sharing any posts, articles or thought leaders you all feel we should be getting in contact with.

We'd like to end this by thanking everyone again for completing this survey and asking for your continued ideas & feedback on how we can make hackajob and the tech community more diverse & inclusive for everyone but we would still encourage everyone to talk with their line managers and/or HR on any issues or concerns too. "


We hope that sharing our internal updates, as well as what we do externally, proves useful for you and your team! Have any thoughts you'd like to share? Make sure to reach out to us via LinkedIn or ''.